Material Metrology Division

The importance of the materials metrology on the search for alternatives and solutions for the scientific and technological progress should be considered due to the strategic character of mastering techniques of preparation, processing and characterization of materials. The Materials Metrology Division (Dimat) looks to supply the demands of the national productive sectors, presenting fast and politically recognized results as a national reference for the materials metrology, and to fulfill its assignment as a base of frontier knowledge and an effective supporter for the national industries development, resulting in the well-being of the population.
Metrological characterization of physical-chemical, morphological, structural, magnetic, thermal and mechanical properties of materials in the macro, micro and nano scales is of great importance in the research of materials for several applications (semiconductors, pharmaceutical products and medicines, packaging, electrical steels, thermal insulation, medical implants, pigments, etc.), as well as in the fabrication and performance of various industrialized items. In addition, development and certification of standard reference materials in these fields are extremely important for the quality of the national products.

Dimat facilities occupy a total area of approximately 500 m². The laboratories were built on vibration-isolated modules.



Biomaterials and Tribology Laboratory (Labit)
Microscopy Laboratory (Labmi)
Diffraction and Spectroscopy Laboratory (Lades)
Surface Phenomena Laboratory (Lafes)
Thermal Analysis and Particulate Materials Laboratory (Latep)
Organic Devices Laboratory (Lador)
Theoretical Nanometrology Laboratory (Lateo)
Instrumentation Laboratory (Lains)



Divisão de Metrologia de Materiais (Dimat)
Av. Nossa Senhora das Graças, nº 50 - Xerém - Duque de Caxias - Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
CEP: 25250-020
Tel/Fax: 55 (21) 2679-9021