Inmetro / Scientific / Electrical Metrology Division

Electrical Metrology Division

The Electrical Metrology Division occupies an area of 2,700-square meters, maintaining a laboratorial infrastructure and support free of mechanical or electromagnetic interferences, an adequate
laboratory infrastructure, with an anti-vibration suspension and
acoustically isolated room , endowed with climatization and physical installation in accordance with international requirements.

It is supplied with the following metrological reference laboratories: Capacitance and Inductance laboratory; Power, Energy and Resistance laboratory; Potential Difference and Electrical Current laboratory; Transformer laboratory.

o support the performance of its institutional mission, it is up to the Electrical Metrology Division to realize and maintain the units of the International System of Units (SI) related to electricity, disseminating them through the different segments that require metrological services, offering reliability to basic services of quality and to the infrastructure of competitiveness.

The development of R&D activities in metrology and the participation in interlaboratorial
comparison programs are also part of the Division´s tasks.

Philosophy of Performance

The Division´s laboratories concentrate and give priority to its role as Inmetro´s metrological laboratory, whose main task is the custody of the national standards. The participation in programs of interlaboratorial comparison, promotes the maintenance of the SI units, as well as their dissemination to accredited laboratories. The Division only
carries out tests or calibrations of metrological standards belonging to industrial laboratories , or from other sectors, under exceptional circumstances, such as when the Accredited Laboratories Network is unable to perform the service required. The Division´s laboratories are committed to always keep the highest levels of accuracy and the lowest experimental
uncertainties that can be achieved in the measuring process.

Services Offered

The Division offers services of calibration of specific instruments, standards and instruments for measuring voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, inductance, power, energy and services of calibration of transformers, required by laboratories accredited by Inmetro in the Brazilian Calibration Network (RBC), the Brazilian Network of Test Laboratories (RBLE) and also by laboratories linked to the Brazilian Network of Legal Metrology and Quality (RBMLQ). Among the innumerous measuring ranges, types of instrument and associated uncertainties, the Division performs calibration of standard voltage cells, standard AC/DC thermal converters, AC phase angle meters, AC/DC voltage and current sources , resistors, capacitors, inductors, resistance, capacitance and inductance meters, AC/DC power sources, power factor meters and electrical energy and power meters.

Other Activities

Development of metrological programs for comparing standards; projects and qualification of measuring instruments;
development of techniques and procedures for test and calibration; elaboration of technical regulations; i installation of quality systems etc.

Developed Projects

In the area of development, the Division, in partnership with metrological institutions from Brazil and overseas, coordinates the following projects, based on the field of metrology: expansion of measuring range of AC voltage; ratification of power meters; Henry´s standardization; expansion of the resistance measuring range; standardization of AC voltage; realization of the volt using the Josephson effect (quantum standard); realization of the ohm using the quantum Hall effect; expansion of the capacitance measuring range at different frequencies; improvement of the metrological reliability in the calibration
of the standards of energy and power.

Standards of Reference

In the domain of Electrical Metrology, the Division is responsible for the custody of the national metrological standards, which are systematically traced and compared to international standards though Key Comparisons under the
supervision of the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures and to standards of metrological laboratories of other countries, namely the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST/USA) and the Physikalisch-Technische Bundensanstalt (PTB/Germany). In particular, the Division maintains highly accurate standards regarding voltage, current,
resistance, capacitance, inductance, energy and power.