Inmetro / Scientific / Acoustics and Vibrations Metrology Division

Acoustics and Vibration Metrology Division

The Acoustics and Vibration
Metrology Division maintains a laboratorial and support infrastructure,
occupying an area of 1,166 square meters, which includes an anechoic chamber , with a volume of 70 cubic meters , and two reverberant chamber, one with 94 and the other with 210 cubic meters.

It comprises an adequate laboratorial infrastructure with an anti-vibration suspension isolated room, free of mechanical interference and endowed with climatization, as well as physical installations capable of satisfying the requirements of international rules. It comprises the following metrological labs: laboratory of acoustics ; laboratory of electroacoustics;
and laboratory of vibrations.

The Division offers services of calibration of specific instruments and of the standards of acoustics and vibration, all
of which are demanded by laboratories accredited by Inmetro pertaining to the Brazilian Calibration Network, the Brazilian Testing Laboratories Network and also by laboratories linked to the Brazilian Network of Legal Metrology and Quality (RBMLQ).

Among the innumerous measuring ranges, types of instruments and associated uncertainties, the services offered
include: the calibration of microphones, accelerometers, acoustics calibrators vibration calibrators, acoustics and vibration analyzers and other specific tests.