Exporter Alert!

The "Exporter Alert!" first step is the registration. Filling the application form, the exporter provides information related to the products and the countries of his interest. The "Exporter Alert!" begins to send e-mails related to the specific product and country previously defined as soon as a notifications is published on WTO concerning a proposal of technical regulation and or a procedure of conformity assessment .

It is important to point out that the notifications are usually translated into Portuguese to be sent to the exporters, even being published at the WTO in one of its official languages (English, French and Spanish). Such translation, which may include uncommon technical terms, is carried out with the support of Inmetro specialists from several sectors.

When alerted in advance, exporters may request full copy of the proposal of the technical regulation for analysis. Once the analysis is made, the companies may start the process of adaptation of its products, even before the new requirements become effective, thus avoiding delays on their delivery or any other problem in the ports of destination.

Recently, an agreement was signed by the four Metrology Institutes of the Mercosul member countries, aiming to make the "Exporter Alert!" available for the exporters of Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.