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General Information
Accreditation Criteria
Costs Related to the Accreditation of Certification Bodies
Orquestra System
Process Steps for the Accreditation of Certification Bodies
Accreditation Regulation
Use of Accreditation Marks
Prescribed Sanctions
Accreditation Maintenance
Extension or Reduction of the Accreditation Scope

General Information

The accreditation of Certification Bodies is performed by the Division of Accreditation of Certification Bodies (Dicor) by conducting activities to recognize the technical competence of conformity assessment bodies that carry out product, management systems, personnel, processes or services certifications; to that effect, it uses Standards-based accreditation programs whose requirements must be fully met by the applicants. This accreditation covers the modalities: management systems, products and personnel.

Accreditation Criteria

Dicor accredits certification bodies based on the compliance with the requirements established in the following International Standards for the different types of conformity assessment, besides additional criteria prescribed in the specific accreditation procedures:

- ISO/ IEC Guide 65 for Product Certification Bodies;
- ISO/IEC 17021 for Management System Certification Bodies;
- ISO/ IEC 17024 for Personnel Certification Bodies;

Costs Related to the Accreditation of Certification Bodies

The costs regarding the services of accreditation of certification bodies, received by Cgcre as of February 2007, are established in the Standard NIE-CGCRE-140.

Orquestra System

The General Coordination for Accreditation (Cgcre) of Inmetro is using a new management system of accreditation activities, called ORQUESTRA, whose web page is http://orquestra.inmetro.gov.br. The system is based on the Business Process Management (BPM) methodology which provides automation, better management and optimization of the accreditation process, besides allowing bodies and/or laboratories already accredited, or whose accreditation is in process, easy access to their processes of granting or extending accreditation.

With the implementation of this tool, all applications for granting or extending accreditation shall be made, from now on, through the ORQUESTRA System .

• To register the certification body in the System, you shall request a login and a password to the Division of Accreditation of Certification Bodies (Dicor) (e-mail dicor@inmetro.gov.br).

• The password shall be changed in the following way: click on the icon “configurações pessoais” (personal settings), to fill the field “senha” (password) and click on “atualizar” (update).

Manual for ORQUESTRA system

The accreditation process is conducted based on NIT-DICOR-001- PROCEDURE FOR ACCREDITATION OF CERTIFICATION BODIES.

Process Steps for the Accreditation of Certification Bodies

Document Review
On-site Assessment
Performance Assesment
Acreditation Decision

It is advisable that the applicant check the condition of its certification body on the basis of information obtained before formally applying for accreditation.

For accreditation application, the Certification Body shall send in hard copy the document MOD-CGCRE-001 - Commitment Statement of Accreditation (TCA). The TCA shall be sent to the address below, signed and in two counterparts, together with a copy of the company´s Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation, and the I.D. card and Individual Identifying Number (CPF, in Portuguese) of the legal representative:Inmetro/Cgcre/Dicor – Rua Santa Alexandrina, 416 - 8º andar (floor) – Rio Comprido – Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Cep (Zip Code) 20261-232.


- Application

The accreditation applicant shall acknowledge all Basic Documents for Accreditation through Inmetro´s web site, fully fill in the forms for the Accreditation Application available in Orquestra and attach the required documents for each type of accreditation by uploading files through Orquestra. Information about the documents required for each type of application is available at NIT-DICOR-017 – Document review.

By sending a formal application for accreditation, a process number for the applicant is automatically generated so that it is possible to monitor on-line its progress through the Orquestra. This application will be submitted to a preliminary review and, if feasible, an assessment manager and an administrative technician will be designated to monitor the process.

- Document Review

If the documents submitted are complete, an assessor will be appointed to perform the document review which includes legal and technical aspects. Besides the appointed assessor, when necessary, experts in the specific area of the application and a legal opinion of Inmetro´s Legal Office may also be used in the document review, in accordance with the intended scope of the application.

The document review is carried out based on NIT-DICOR-017 – Document review

- On-site assessment (management system, personnel and facilities)

After the document review and the approval of the documents, an on-site assessment is performed covering the facilities of the organization seeking accreditation. If necessary for the completion of this step, further assessment can be carried out to check outstanding actions.

During the office assessment, Cgcre´s assessment team checks the implementation of technical and administrative procedures of the certification body, at headquarters or at the branches and in the places where the CB provides its services.

The certification body shall be assessed in all offices in which the following activities are conducted: initial qualification, training, monitoring and maintenance of auditor's records and audit personnel; application review, appointment of audit personnel, review of the final report and certification decision.

Office assessments are carried out based on NIT-DICOR-075 - Assessment of certification bodies.

- Performance assessment (witness)

After the office assessment, depending on the type of application, one or more witness audits in one or more audits of client companies of the applicant is performed. Witnesses are needed to grant the scope to the certification body, as it is the way the system has to prove the competence of the certification body while providing services in various activities.

Witness audits are carried out based on NIT-DICOR-026 - Witness Audit in Certification Bodies.

- Accreditation decision (recommendation, commission and coordination)

After the document review and the assessments, the process is referred to the decision step. For granting accreditation, the process will be forwarded to the Accreditation Commission.

The Accreditation Commission evaluates the compliance of the process with Cgcre procedures and recommends or not the accreditation to the General Coordinator for Accreditation. This Commission is appointed by the General Coordinator and has an established regulation and composition.

The Accreditation Commission may request the participation of the senior executive of the organization seeking accreditation and of an expert in the specific subject, to support its recommendation.

The accreditation decision is made by the General Coordinator for Accreditation, and his approval or non-approval is formalized to the applicant. In cases of approval, it is formalized to the applicant through the certificate of accreditation.

Accreditation Regulation

The rights and duties of Cgcre and CABs relevant to the Accreditation and the required conditions for granting, maintenance, extension, suspension, reduction and withdrawal of the accreditation of certification bodies are established in NIT-Dicor-077 - Regulation for Accreditation of Certfication Bodies.

Use of Accreditation Marks

The requirements which specify Cgcre´s marks and regulate their use, as well setting out how the CAB shall use the symbol(s) and references to its accredited status, are provided in the documents listed below:

Regulation for the use of Inmetro Marks, Accreditation Symbols and Identification Labels - Inmetro/Mdic Administrative Rule no. 274 of June/13/2014;

NIE-CGCRE-009 – Use of the mark, symbol and references to accreditation.

Prescribed Sanctions

In case accredited bodies do not comply with the obligations assumed, and according to the severity in compromising the quality system and the credibility of activities related to accreditation, the application of NIT-DICOR-077 - Regulation for the accreditation of certification bodies is facultative to Cgcre.

Accreditation Maintenance

The accredited organization may only make reference to accreditation in its advertising documents, mail and distribution services, after the issuance of the certificate of accreditation.

The certification body is responsible for the use and advertising of its accreditation status and it assumes all onuses and is subject to sanctions imposed, in such cases in which infractions are observed in its behavior.

Extension or Reduction of the Accreditation Scope

Once the body is accredited, it can request at any time the extension of its scope, within the same accreditation type.

If the body wants to act in another accreditation type, for instance, an OCS to act as an OCA, it will have to apply for a new accreditation granting process.

At any time, the body can request reduction or total or partial suspension of accreditation.

The activities of extending or reducing the scope of accreditation are conducted in accordance with the procedure NIT-DICOR-001 - PROCEDURE FOR ACCREDITATION OF CERTIFICATION BODIES.


During the steps of granting, extending, maintaining accreditation or reaccrediting processes, nonconformities may be found and the certification body shall handle them.

The handling of nonconformities is conducted based on NIT-DICOR-076 - Handling of nonconformities found during certification bodies accreditation processes.

In case of doubts or in order to get more information, please send an email to dicor@inmetro.gov.br .


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