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General Information

The accreditation of laboratories by Cgcre is performed by the Laboratory Accreditation Division (Dicla) that carries out activities related to the granting and maintenance of accreditation, in accordance with the requirements of the standard ISO/IEC 17025. It is applicable to calibration and testing laboratories and to the accreditation of medical testing laboratories, which is granted based on the requirements of the standard ISO 15189. The accreditation of medical testing laboratories is applicable to laboratories that carry out biological, microbiological, immunological, chemical, immunohematological, hematological, biophysical, cytological, pathological or other examinations of materials from the human body for the purpose of delivering information for diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, or for the evaluation of the health of human beings and that can offer consulting services and follow up that cover all the aspects of investigations in laboratory, including the results interpretation and advices about additional appropriate investigations.

The accreditation of laboratories is not granted for activities of a subjective or interpretative nature, such as an expression of opinion, failure investigation or consultation, even if those activities are based on results of objective calibrations or tests. Accreditation is voluntary and is granted to any laboratory that carries out calibration and/or testing services, meeting its own internal demand or the demand of third parties, independent or linked to other organization, public or private, domestic or foreign, regardless of its size or field of activity.

The accreditation of laboratories is granted by address and according to the nature of the services: calibration, testing or examination. The information of the laboratories obtained by Cgcre, including the assessment team, is handled with absolute confidentiality.

Definition of terms used

The definitions of the terms used in the laboratory accreditation activity are in the document DOQ-CGCRE-020.

Accreditation Prices

Accreditation prices and the billing method are in the standard NIT-DICLA-011.

Orquestra System

The General Coordination for Accreditation (Cgcre) of Inmetro is using a new management system of accreditation activities, called ORQUESTRA, whose web page is http://orquestra.inmetro.gov.br/. The system is based on the Business Process Management (BPM) methodology which provides automation, better management and optimization of the accreditation processes, besides allowing bodies and/or laboratories already accredited, or whose accreditation is in process, easy access to their processes of granting or extending accreditation.

With the implementation of this tool, all applications for granting or extending accreditation shall be made, from now on, through the Orquestra System.

• To register the laboratory, it is necessary to request to the Laboratory Accreditation Division (Dicla), via email planav@inmetro.gov.br, a login and password to access the "ORQUESTRA" system.

• The password shall be changed in the following way: click on the icon “configurações pessoais” (personal settings), to fill the field “senha” (password) and click on atualizar (update).

Manual for ORQUESTRA system

Links of interest

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