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115° Encomex


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Workshop on Good Regulatory Practice

The Experience of the Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu in, Promoting Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA)
Palestrante: Jennifer Fang-Yu Huang

RIA - Benefits and Application
Palestrante: Scott Jacobs

The Brazilian Guide on Good Regulatory Practices
Palestrante: Alfredo Carlos Orphão Lobo

Colombia - The use of transparency and participation mechanisms – The local experience
Palestrantes: Ramón Madriñan

Administrative Burden Reduction and Impact Assessment

Palestrantes: Cavan O’Connor 

Focus on Transparency and Consultation
Palestrante: Representante do Ministério de Comércio e Indústria da África do Sul

Regulatory Practices in India
Palestrante: Chandra Shekhar

Israel’s Experience in Cooperation between Regulators
Palestrante: Grisha Deitch

How to Determine the Need to Regulate
Palestrante: Neil Eisner

Strengthening Trade-Related Policy Coherence in Assessment Tools - The Experience of Emerging Economies
Palestrante: Barbara Fliess 

The European Commissions Better Regulation Strategy
Palestrante: Cavan O’Connor

Good Regulatory Practice - Malaysia’s Experience
Palestrante: Rajinder Raj

Korea’s Approach to Good Regulatory Practice
Palestrante: Gyung Ihm Rhyu

US-EU Regulatory Cooperation - Approaches and Experiences
Palestrante: Jim Sanford e Simon Holland

Use of Standards in the Regulatory Regime - Canadian Experience
Palestrante: David Shortall 

Japan’s Experience and Perspectives on Good Regulatory Practice
Palestrante: Masafumi Sugano

CHILE - Experiencia con las Buenas Prácticas Regulatorias
Palestrante: Ana Maria Vallina

The Importance of Transparency in Regulatory Reform
Palestrante: Jeff Weiss

The Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement (RIAS) in Canada
Palestrante: Karen M. Zarrouki 

TBT Workshop on Statements on the Implementation and Administration of the Agreement under Article 15.2.

Workshop on the Statement on Implementation and Administration of the TBT Agreement
Palestrante - Stefania Bernabè

WTO-TBT Workshop Article 15.2 Statements
Palestrante - Masa Princess Ndlangamandla

Mise en oeuvre et Administration de l’Accord OTC
Palestrante - BAKO ILLIASSOU 

Fifth Special Meeting on Procedures for Information Exchange

Un instrumento de Buenas Prácticas para la
Palestrante - Carolliina Ramíírez Joiignantt

Determining the necessity to notify and completing the notification formats
Palestrante - Andrea Spencer

Special Meeting of the TBT Commitee on Procedures for Information Exchange - the use of electronic tools

Palestrante - Cyril Hanquez

Brazilian Export Alert System - an Eletronic tool for improving SME’s knowledge on WTO countries regulations
Palestrante - Rogerio de Oliveira Corrêa

Experiences in making TBT Notifications in China
Palestrante - Guo Lisheng 

The Use of Electronic Tools in WTO-TBT Enquiry Point Work
Palestrante - Guo Liisheng

Special Meeting on Procedures for Information Exchange
Palestrante - Anne Meininger

Use of Electronic Tools for the Dissemination of Comments

Palestrante - Ying-Ching SU

SPS Information Management System (SPS IMS)

Assistance provided by ITC to National Enquiry Points
Palestrante - Shyam Kuamr Gujadhur e Bertrand Monrozier

Working in the 21st Century - “Age of Information”
Palestrante - Anne Meininger

Raising the African Standard - Through Training and Assistance
Palestrante - René Heydenrich

Le Point National d’Information Sur les Obstacles Techniques au Commerce de l’INNORPI - Etat des lieux et perspectives
Palestrante - Amara Zayani

Sistema Nacional de Informacion y Notificacion Paraguay
Palestrante - Bruno Belmont

Measuring Effectiveness in Enquiry Points
Palestrante - Craig Radford

Labor del Servicio de Información y la Cooperación Técnica Colombia
Palestrante - Daniel Hector Rico

Exchanging informations on WTO countries regulations - A Technical Cooperation experience among Portuguese and Spanish language countries
Palestrante - Rogerio de Oliveira Corrêa 

Workshop on the different approaches to conformity assessment

Mise en place d’une infrastructure qualité dans la zone UEMOA
Palestrante - Abdou Seyni

WTO Seminar on the Different Focuses of Conformity Assessment
Palestrantes - Alfredo Carlos Orphão Lobo

Main Tasks of ILAC and IAF
Palestrantes - Daniel Pierre 

Relevance of UNIDO Services to the Responses to the WTO Questionnaire G_TBT_W_178
Palestrante - Gerardo Patacconi

Establishment of conformity assessment schemes in developing countries
Palestra - Gerardo Patacconi

The Conformity Assessment(CA) Infrastructure of Developing Country Memebers - Concerns and Challenges Nigeria as a Case

Palestrante - John Ndanusa Akanya

Conformity Assessment Procedures in India & Role of Bureau of Indian Standards - an Overview
Palestrante - Rakesh Verma 

Conformity Assessment Practices of the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards (TTBS)
Palestrante - Terrence Awai

Ejemplos de Proyectos de Asistencia Técnica en los países en desarrollo en materia de Evaluación de la Conformidad
Palestrante - Maritza Madriz Picado 

Taller sobre los Diferentes Enfoques de la Evaluación de la Conformidad - “Comercio y Confianza”
Palestrante - María J. Rivera

Examples of arrangements between conformity assessment bodies used by regulators - The IEC schemes IECEE and IECEx

Palestrante - Gabriel Barta

Canada’s experience in forest certification
Palestrante - Guillaume Gignac 

Approaches to Facilitate the Recognition of Results “The Experience of the European Co-Operation for Accreditation”
Palestrante - Lorenzo Thione

Mutual Recognition Agreements and Regulatory Co-operation - Some EU Experiences
Palestrante - Paul De Lusignan e Brian Jenkinson

Conformity Assessment and Regulations & the Iso-Casco Toolbox
Palestrante - Peter Dennehy 

National Considerations for the Preparation and Application of Conformity Assessment Procedures
Palestrante - Rafael Nava

Taller sobre los diferentes Enfoques de la Evaluación de la Conformidad
Palestrante - Ramón Madriñán

Conformity Assessment Procedures Trade Impact on Manufacturers
Palestrante - Robert W. Noth 

Other Approaches to facilitate the Acceptance of Conformity Assessment Results - Use of Accreditation

Palestrante - Robin Neeren Gopee

Mutual Acceptance of Conformity Assessment Results - Japan’s Experience and Observation
Palestrante - Shinji Fujino

Accreditation provides confidence in conformity assessment
Palestrante - Tony Craven 

Electronics & IT Industry Sector’s Perspective on Mutual Acceptance of Conformity Assessment Result
Palestrante - Toshiyuki Kajiya

Implementation of Voluntary Market Schemes

Palestrante - Wayne Morris

Overview of the TBT Committees Work on Conformity Assessment and of the Relevant Provisions of the TBT Agreement
Palestrante - Ludivine Tamiotti

Handling complaints

Palestrante - Anna Camboim

Trends in the Mechanisms to Facilitate the Acceptance of Conformity Assessment Results
Palestrante - Barbara Fliess

Sector-specific Approaches to Conformity Assessment - Vehicle Emissions and Noise Standards
Palestrante - Hui Chen Chien 

TBT workshop on suppliers declaration of conformity (SDoC)

ISO-IEC 17050-2004, Supplier’s declaration of conformity
Palestrante - Alan Bryden

The Brazilian Experience
Palestrante - Alfredo Carlos Orphão Lobo

Market Surveillance Mechanism for Industrial Products
Palestrante - Bing Yuan Liou

Canadian Experience with Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) in the Telecommunications Sector
Palestrante - Claude Beaudoin

Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity for ICT Regulations
Palestrante - David Ling 

Experience with respect to electrical and mechanical sectors
Palestrante - Georg Hilpert

Transition to SDoC in the IT-Telecom sector in the European Communities
Palestrante - Per Döfnäs

Principal Technical Advisor Energy Safety Service
Palestrante - Peter Morfee

The view of the conformity assessment bodies in developing countries
Palestrante - Rafael Nava 

Implementation of SDoC in Korea’s Automotive Sector
Palestrante - Woo-jin Jung

Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity (SDoC)
Palestrante - Ludivine Tamiotti 

Fourth Special Meeting on Procedures for Information Exchange

Coordination Among Regulatory Bodies - The Chilean Experience
Palestrante - Ana Maria Vallina

Preparation and Submission of Notifications
Palestrante - Andrea Spencer

Special Meeting on Procedures for Information Exchange
Palestrante - Anne Meininger

Handling of Comments
Palestrante - Cyril Hanquez

Preparation & Submission of Notifications in T&T
Palestrante - Devitra Maharaj-Dash 

ISO-IEC Information Centre activities
Palestrante - Evgueni Patrikeev

Preparation and submission of notifications
Palestrante - Rampaipan Nakasatis 

Malaysias Experience in Implementing Code of Good Practice for the Preparation, Adoption and Application of Standards
Palestrante - Salmah Mohd. Nordin

Processing and circulation of notifications - the experience of the Secretariat
Palestra - Stefania Bernabè

Diseminación de la Información Servicio de información de México
Palestrante - Danielle Schont Avenel 

Dissemination of Notifications - Treatment of Feedback to-from Stakeholders and Preparation of Comments on Regulations from Other WTO Members in Uganda
Palestrante - George Opiyo

China WTO-TBT Enquiry Poiint and its Operation
Palestrante - Guo Lisheng

Benefiting from the Transparency Provisions - Dissemination of Information
Palestrante - Shan Chen

Functioning of WTO-TBT National Enquiry Point (NEP) for Kenya - Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS)
Palestrante - NDungu Evanson 

TBT Learning Event on Labelling

Mandatory Minimum Energy Efficiency Requirements and Voluntary Energy Labeling Programme
Palestrante - Fanghei Tsau

Energy labelling
Palestrante - Jonathan Claridge

Workshop on Labelling (A Learniing Event) - Brazil
Palestrante - Armando Mariante

Colombian Flowers and Eco-Labels
Palestrante - Santiago Rojas Arroyo

Australia’s Energy Efficiency - Labelling Experience
Palestrante - Tiim Yeend 

Etiquetado de alimentos y bebidas no alcohólicas en México
Palestrante - Francisco Rosete Ramírez

Canada’s Health Warning Messages for Tobacco Products
Palestrante - Byron Rogers

A Survey of Food Labeling laws regulations and standards in China
Palestrante - Jiao Yang

Etiquetado Nutricional de Alimentos
Palestrante - Maria J. Rivera

Food Labeling in the United States
Palestrante - Sarah Fogarty Thorn 

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